Top gypsy jazz violinist gives workshop in Ramelton

Fiddlers and violin players from Donegal and beyond can have a workshop in Ramelton on Saturday with the man described by the Sunday Times as ‘the king of gypsy music’, Tcha Limberger.

Tcha, originally from Belgium and now living in Spain, is a virtuoso on violin and also on guitar. He’s in Donegal for this weekend’s Django Sur Lennon festival, and plays with guitarist Faby Lafertin in Ramelton Town Hall on Saturday night (8pm).

His workshop will be held from 11am to 1pm in the Wine Bar, courtesy of proprietor and music fan James McDaid. The workshop is being organised by the Donegal Music Education Partnership and costs €20. Places are limited. Book by phoning 07491 76293 or enquire on the day.

Martin McGinley of the DMEP said the workshop is primarily for violin players but other musicians are welcome to take part.

“Tcha Limberger is a major figure both in gypsy jazz and also in Eastern Europe folk music. It’s a privilege to have him here to talk about his own approach to music, and to pass on ideas and tips.

“Several years ago we had a masterclass at Django Sur Lennon with Irish-based gypsy jazz violinist Rudi Bado and that was a big success. I think gypsy jazz is a great meeting place for musicians from all sorts of backgrounds, from traditional Irish to classical.”

The Django Sur Lennon festival has been attracting some of the biggest names in gypsy jazz. It has another super programme of concerts and pub gigs in Ramelton this weekend. Visiting performers have included some of the world’s top gypsy jazz violinists, such as US-based Christiaan van Hemmert last year.

Tcha Limberger was born into a renowned Belgian family of Manouche musicians and has become one of the most noted names in gypsy jazz. He plays violin, guitar and a host of other instruments, and is also known as a singer and composer.

He has travelled the world both as a solo performer and with other leading gypsy jazz players and ensembles, including the Budapest Orchestra.

On Saturday night, Tcha plays with the renowned Fapy Lafertin in Ramelton Town Hall as part of an incredible line-up which also includes guitarists Mozes Rosenberg and Dave Kelbie, and singer/bassist Sani Van Mullem.

For more information check out or call the Donegal Music Education Partnership on 07491 76293.