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We have a new mobile number, 087 7154 700 (office hours)

New students – If you’d like to learn to play or to sing, click here 

UPDATE, Wednesday, 22 June, 2022 – Hello everybody! Quick update from a home of music tuition in sunny Donegal. Hard to believe we’ve finished up the school year and our one-to-one and group classes around the county (450 involved).

Time for new students to enrol to start in September. Use the link above. We have some spare places but they usually go pretty fast!

Up next – a jazz workshop with Renato Paris from London in the Regional Cultural Centre in Letterkenny tomorrow Thursday (23rd June). It’s for piano/keyboard players and singers (mainly). Renato will look at developing your own sound, adding variation to what you do, and listening in a group setting. And more! 2.30pm – 4.30pm, €10, limited to 10. Thanks to Music Network for support. If you’re interested, email musiceducation@donegaletb.ie 

Good luck to those doing the Leaving Certificate. Many are finishing with the music examination tomorrow. Then it’s summertime and a brave new world (hopefully still with music in it).

Excellent results in from the Royal Irish Academy and Trinity examinations. Well done everyone, young musicians, parents and tutors.

All the evidence backs up what we see every day of the week – music is great for children (and adults). If you’re a young person, or the parent/guardian of a young person, take advantage of the many opportunities to learn an instrument across Donegal. Join up!


The information contained in these web pages is, to the best of our knowledge, true and accurate at the time of publication and is solely for information purposes only. Donegal ETB accepts no liability for any loss or damage arising as a result of use or reliance on this information.

DYO conductor Vincent Kennedy pictured with some of the departing members of the Donegal Youth Orchestra. They were presented with flowers at the DYO’s end-of-year concert at the Regional Cultural Centre in Letterkenny on Saturday 21st May 2022. Guest pianist Eileen Kennedy-Carr, right, has just taken a few pics – her daughter Nora is second from left of the five.

We’ve been involved in a couple of excellent concerts recently, and have a big one in July – 


  • the second performance of Vincent Kennedy’s new suite ‘Colmcille, Voice of Peace is the closing concert of this year’s Earagail Arts Festival. It’s on at An Grianán Theatre in Letterkenny on Sunday 24th July. Features Donegal Youth Orchestra, Donegal Youth Choir and soloists. Supported by Donegal County Council Arts Service 
  • we’ve a special offer on student places at Europe’s biggest jazz education event, the Sligo Jazz Project international summer school in July – email musiceducation@donegaletb.ie for more, or text 087 1677 699


  • the Donegal Youth Orchestra got a standing ovation at their end-of-year concert on Saturday 21st May at the Regional Cultural Centre in Letterkenny. Super stuff, and some remarkable solos from departing members
  • the Donegal Chamber Orchestra played a storm in the Church of Ireland in Leitirmacaward. Congrats to them, to conductor Victor Yélamo and leader Orsi Szabo-Yélamo, and thanks once again to those locally who make it happen

Happy holidays and thanks to our 30+ music tutors for their efforts in giving the gift of music to our DMEP students, and also to those looking after our groups. 

The Donegal Junior Strings added a cross-border element to their 2022 school tour on Wednesday 15.6.22 – a visit to Ballougry primary school near Killea. The school is under threat of closure. Hopefully it won’t happen, as it’s a fine country school with plans to maintain and grow numbers. Here’s conductor Victor Yélamo and the DJS in action. Video from the tour coming up shortly! If you’re a string player aged 7 -14 you can join the DJS. Drop us a line to musiceducation@donegaletb.ie or call John on 087 715 4700 (working hours). The DMEP is now enrolling for all music classes in September, and for other performing groups.


If you’ve a child interested in learning music or singing, you’ve come to the right place!

You can enrol a new student using the link below (or above!). The name goes on our waiting list, used to fill any available places.

New students – If you’d like to learn to play or to sing, click here 

Any queries? Ring our manager Martin McGinley on 087 1677 699 or our administrator John McIvor on 087 715 4700. Our office number is 07491 76293 and our email is music education@donegaletb.ie  Check out the Facebook page Donegal Music Education Partnership-DMEP.

In 2021-2022 a 30 minute individual class was €17. For some instruments, there’s a small group rate of €10, with two or three in the group. Charges will be reviewed during the summer.

Mulroy Academy of Music, Milford – If you’d like to join the new Mulroy Academy of Music at Mulroy College in Milford (guitar, bass, drums, violin, piano – group rates available, apart from piano) click here.

Atlantic School of Rock, Falcarragh – another new development in 2021 – 2022, with tuition in guitar, bass, voice, drums and piano at Pobalscoil Chloich Cheannfhaola (PCC), at Falcarragh. Please use the form for ‘New students’ above, and mention Atlantic School of Rock. Group rates, apart from piano/voice.


The Soundwaves day in PCC An Fál Carrach in early December was a big success – see the DMEP Facebook page for a video of an original song created on the day.

Below, at PCC Soundwaves in PCC An Fál Carrach on Saturday 11th December – Seamus Devenny from Wall2Wall Music keeps the beat as Anu on piano awaits the cue from other band members. The song is an original, ‘After the Storm’ (working title), from, remember the name, Ten Human Beings. There’s a video on the DMEP Facebook page.

Contact the DMEP – email musiceducation@donegaletb.ie or phone 07491 76293. Please wait while the call transfers (we’re still working from home). John’s new office mobile – 087 7154 700 (office hours).

TUITION – Tuition for the 2021-2022 school year is finishing up. Some students have examinations in Letterkenny in late May/June with the Royal Irish Academy of Music or Trinity College London. First results are in and are excellent – congrats to the students, their parents and the DMEP tutors!

The list below gives some idea of the scope of the programme (except at Errigal College, where there’s a lot more tuition). This was a list of spaces available early this year. Most of our classes were pretty full in 2021-2022. A good few spaces will become available for September as our students finish up and prepare to head to university, college, course or maybe even work! An update on available places will be posted in early June. In the meantime, enrol!

LETTERKENNY, Errigal College

Voice, Claire Moloney Monday 4.30, 8.30

Trumpet/trombone, Ian Behan, Thursday 6.00,

Piano/keyboards, Karen Henry (Henry Girls), Wednesday 4.30, 8.30

Flute/clarinet, Nigel Crossan, Monday 8.00, Thursday 3.45 (St Fiachra’s), 7.30

Cello, Victor Yélamo, Wednesday 8.00, Thursday 7.30, 8.00

MULROY, Mulroy College, Milford

Violin/fiddle, Irene Donnelly, Thursday, 5.30, 6.00

Guitar, Cian O’Donnell, Wednesday (group places) 5.20, 6.00

Piano, Jim Maley, 7.00


Great stuff happening! Enquire about voice, guitar/bass, drums and piano

Voice, Tine Verbeke, 8.00

Drums, Colm Ferriter, from 4 pm FREE! (for the moment anyway 🙂


Guitar, Rhys McBride, Tuesday, 5.00, 5.30, 7.00

DONEGAL TOWN, FET Centre (Drumcliff, over bridge)

Trumpet/trombone, Ian Behan, Wednesday 6.30, 7.00

Violin, Irene Donnelly, Monday 4.00, 4.30, 7.30

Violin, Orsolya Szabo-Yélamo, Tuesday, 7.00

BALLYSHANNON, Adult Education Centre

Clarinet/sax/flute, Don Swain, Monday 2.30, 3.00. Also Tuesday evening

BUNCRANA, Crana College

Keyboards, Annette McNelis, 6.45, 7.15

Voice, Claire Moloney, Monday, 5.30, 6.00


Violin/drums, Seamus Devenny, 7.30

MOVILLE, Community College

Violin/drums, Seamus Devenny, 4.45, 7.45


Guitar/ukulele, Egon Callery, Tuesday 6.30, 7pm

Guitar, piano, woodwind, Brian McDevitt, Wednesday 8.30. Also Fridays


One-to-one lessons (mostly what we do) cost €17 for 30 minutes. We follow the school year and have 30 weeks of lessons (subject to review during the summer for the 2022-2023 year). You pay in advance quarterly. We have some group lessons, such as with guitar, at €10 for half an hour. Two or three in the group.

Outstanding fees? Pay here 🙂

You’ll need the info we sent you when you registered – your family ID (starts with CD2), your six-digit PIN and the last four digits of the mobile number you gave us. Any difficulties, email musiceducation@donegaletb.ie


For the DMEP’s latest developments, please check out our Facebook page DMEP-Donegal Music Education Partnership, and also the Facebook account of our music development manager, Martin McGinley – dmep.


We have ten performing groups and they’re always glad to see new members. The good news is that ‘in person’ rehearsals are starting again. So you can join the likes of the Donegal Youth Orchestra (if you’re under 25 and at least Grade III standard), the Donegal Chamber Orchestra or Donegal Junior Strings; the Donegal Youth Choir (ages 12 – 18 approx), the Letterkenny and Dungloe Junior Choirs (very keen on new faces), or the adult choir Errigal Singers, who will hopefully get back to rehearsal every Monday evening in Letterkenny; our jazz-inflected outfits the Errigal Groove Orchestra (looking for electric guitarist, bass player, brass at the minute) or Saxtet; and Mind Your Quavers, our adult back-to-music group. More details below.

The Errigal Singers and conductor Maghnus Monaghan performing at Donegal Castle.

Yes, you could be starring in a DMEP performing group! The cost for 2022 – 2023 is just €100.

Here’s the line-up in no particular order (ages approximate, these are the fondly-remembered rehearsal times and places before Covid) –

Donegal Junior Strings, conductor Victor Yélamo – beginners, 6 – 12 yrs. Rehearsals weekly, Saturday afternoons, 4pm – 5pm  RCC Letterkenny

Donegal Youth Orchestra, conductor Vincent Kennedy – most instruments, grade 3 and up, 12 – 20 yrs. Rehearsals every second Fri, RCC, Letterkenny

Donegal Chamber Orchestra, conductor Victor Yélamo – strings, prob Grade 4/5 and up, mix of students and adults. Saturday afternoons, 1.30pm – 4pm, RCC Letterkenny

Dungloe Junior Choir, conductor Sara Laughlin – anyone aged 6 – 12 years interested in singing and making new friends. Every second Sunday afternoon, Rosses Community School

Donegal Youth Choir, conductor Sara Laughlin, accompanist Evan McGarrigle – ages 11 to 20. Every second Sunday afternoon, Vestry, St Conal’s Hospital grounds, High Road, Letterkenny. 4pm – 6.30pm.

Errigal Singers, conductor tbc, adult choir. Every Monday evening, 7pm – 8pm, Errigal College, Letterkenny. Welcome for all new members and especially needing male singers!

Errigal Groove/ Saxtet – jazz, rhythm and blues. Brass, wind, guitars, drums, vocals – join up! 12 – 18. Saxtet is made for sax players 🙂 Tutor Brian McDevitt leading the way. Every second Saturday, RCC, Letterkenny.

Letterkenny Junior Choir – if you’re aged 6 to 12 and like singing, come along! Every Thursday, 3.30pm – 4.30pm, RCC, Letterkenny. Conductor – tbc

Mind Your Quavers – for adults who’d like to get back playing. Mix of instruments, including violin, cello, flute, trumpet and more. All welcome. Leaders – Irene Donnelly, Seamus McGuire. Every second Thursday, Errigal College, 7pm – 9pm.

Get in touch via musiceducation@donegaletb.ie or phone us on 07491 76293.

Check out what we do on Facebook or see our playlist on YouTube for loads of music 🙂

Note – we request data to allow us to run our programme. Our data protection policy is here.


The DMEP is the music arm of the Donegal Education and Training Board, which is doing marvellous work in education and training across the county. The DMEP is supported by the Department of Education.

Martin McGinley is the DMEP’s Music Development Manager, John McIvor is the administrator and Orsolya Szabo-Yélamo is the full-time violin resource tutor. In terms of the DMEP’s web presence, there’s valuable support from hosting expert Jakub Józefowicz of LetsHost, based in Oranmore, County Galway.

Here’s our calendar –


Victor Yélamo, conductor of Donegal Junior Strings, talks to the audience at the DMEP student concert in the Regional Cultural Centre, LK. 11.5.19


Mary Armitage, second left, pictured backstage at the National Concert Hall on Saturday night 9th February 2019 after receiving the prestigious Agnes O’Kane Award from the Irish Association of Youth Orchestras. With her are, from left, Rosa Flannery (Music Generation Laois), who presented the award; Ruth Crimmins (grand-daughter of the late Agnes O’Kane); and Philip O’Kane (Agnes’s husband). 

We teach mostly classical, with some jazz and contemporary/rock. We cater for all ages and abilities. Details here.

Accordionist extraordinaire Damien Mullane, centre, pictured with the group at his workshop in Regional Cultural Centre LK on Saturday 19.1.19. The group includes three generations of Greenes on right – Joe senior and junior, and Killian at front. Thanks to Music Network and RCC



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John Doyle (closest to camera) working with some cracking Donegal guitar players and upcoming talent 🙂